About Us

MAK Machinery, established in 2014. Our mission is to deliver innovative, quality and superior technology products solutions with the vision of giving a Global reach for our products.

The MAK brand is well known in Middle East and Africa markets for its quality and most convenient aftermarket service. We are distributing a wide range of our products to Major sectors of construction & general industrial markets

We offer a complete range of power solutions to various industrial sectors with a dedicated support team for every machine aided by our qualified Technicians. All our generators are ISO 9001 certified with CE mark. We maintain a complete range of after -sales Spare parts for our Generators.. MAK Investment in Europe & Asia has helped to set bench mark for construction related various Products.

Our production facilities are based in JAPAN, TAIWAN, CHINA, SPAIN, BELGIUM, NETHERLAND, ITALY.

MAK Equipment Rental Solutions fleets currently operating in UAE is specialized in providing power solutions for construction, Industrial and Utility sectors across major groups in UAE.

Our Group of Companies:

Mak Equipment Rental Solution (Operating in UAE)
Mak Equipment Rental Solutions expertise in industrial power generation solutions for construction, Industrial and Utility sectors. We supply all capacity Generator sets, Pneumatic air compressors to major groups in UAE. We provide complete after market services for our machines

Our Features
We attract human minds with our adeptness in problem solving
Our package is full of innovative ideas , outstanding design and up to date technology
Our digital oriented brands can influence every one
To create a high quality product we follows a well planned and disciplined method
Our secret behind every success is the way of approaching a project. We face every
challenge with a very pleasant and excited mind.